Saturday, June 21, 2008


Here are the clothes I take on a backpacking trip.

Hiking skirt with boxer shorts underneath
Sport bra
Long-sleeve microfiber knit shirt; push sleeves up to create short-sleeve shirt
Bike gloves for better grip on hiking poles, protection in falls
Hat (I wear my Ironman Florida running hat)
Hiking shoes (duh)
ID tag around neck
Cross pendant around neck (never leave home without it)


  • Two pairs socks in addition to what I'm wearing. Alternate socks at each rest stop, hang previous ones on backpack to air and dry.
  • Fleece long-sleeve top
  • Acrylic cardigan (coupled with fleece top, makes a really warm duo)
  • Midweight tights (double as PJ's and long underwear)
  • Loose cotton yoga pants (yeah, cotton, feels good in camp)
  • T-shirt for camp and bed (I use a cotton one)
  • Extra pair of boxers -- for underwear and sleep
  • Gloves (nothing fancy.... acrylic knit, 2 prs. for $1.50 at Wal-Mart)
  • Knit hat (doubles as pot cozy)

And that's it. Except.... rain gear: does that count as clothing, or rain gear in a separate category? I have a really good rain jacket and pants. Not sure whether to take them on thru-hike or rely on a $4.95 poncho. Jacket and pants double as outer windproof layer. But so does poncho, especially if tied at waist, maybe with backpack belt. Always trying to cut down on extras....

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Chris said...

Ellie, Thanks for the read...I am presently taking a Christmas break from my blog (Hiking with Croc) but will get back to it in January. I have to say that I am jealous that you are thru hiking the AT, maybe someday! - Chris