Saturday, June 21, 2008


Or just overnight. I've found that the gear is the same, except for food. Even if you just go overnight, you need:

Shelter (tent for me)
Sleeping bag
Sleeping pad
Ground cloth (some feel this is unnecessary)
Food (never unnecessary)
Cooking gear (unnecessary for some lightweights who save the weight and eat cold food)
Extra clothes, especially socks
Rain gear
First-aid/gear-repair supplies
Hygiene supplies
Light source (headlamp, flashlight, whatever)
Sandals (to wear in camp, get out of those hiking shoes)
Water bottles
Water treatment
Hiking poles
Cell phone (which may not get signal)
Bug dope
Lip balm

Really.... you need ALL this stuff for overnight. Only difference between overnight and long hike is in the amount of food carried. For the AT, I'm figuring on about 5 days' worth at a time, to last me till the next resupply town/crossroads.

I should detail every aspect of my pack in a separate post, and probably will.

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